Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna, DICAM Department

The Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM) is the result of a large aggregation of research skills and laboratory facilities of diverse but interrelated engineering branches traditionally developed at the University of Bologna. The department integrates the scientific expertise of various research groups, such as Structural, Transport, Hydraulic, Survey and Territory Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, Chemical, Mining, Petroleum and Environmental Engineering.

The mission of the Department is to create and develop advanced research in the areas of civil, chemical, environmental and materials engineering, starting from evaluation, design, construction and service of manmade structures and infrastructures (including industrial production facilities), through the study and characterisation of the constituent materials, up to the environmental analysis and impact assessment of the footprint on the territory and the environment.

The high quality, interdisciplinary nature and collaborative work of the research groups enable the Department to provide, worldwide, an effective answer to the demands of today’s modern society and of professional world. The Department faces many challenges for its future. Continuing its quest for excellence, with real impact in science and technology, is a clear goal.

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Membrane Characterisation - Bench-scale unit for characterization of polimeric membranes - Characterization in terms of permeability, permeance, diffusivity, selectivity