Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale

OGS, Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics) is an internationally oriented public research institute. It operates in the European Research Area (ERA) and internationally and develops its own mission prioritising basic and applied research fields of oceanography (physical, chemical and biological aspects), geophysics and marine geology, seismology and experimental and explorative geophysics.

OGS owns important multidisciplinary research facilities, such as ECCSEL NatLab-Italy natural laboratories of Panarea and Latera, the oceanic research vessel OGS Explora, the borehole geophysical test site (PITOP), an aircraft equipped for remote sensing, a calibration centre for marine instruments (CTMO) and a centre for processing and archiving large geophysical data sets.

All these facilities are widely used to boost cooperation and mobility of people and ideas and bring together the best European and worldwide scientists to strengthen their skills, enhance their career development and create a network of potential future leaders.

Most of these facilities are part of ECCSEL ERIC, which OGS has helped implement since its conception. OGS has been one of the project partners in the two Preparatory Phases and in the Implementation Phase and it is now the Italian representing in ECCSEL ERIC.

OGS has also a strong expertise in CCS; since 2004, it has taken a leading role (as a WP leader) in 13 CCS-related EU projects and it has been the coordinator of 15 national projects.

The Institute works for environmental protection, sustainable economic development and societal inclusion through tailor-made initiatives to evaluate and prevent geological, environmental and climatic risks, with the aim of spreading scientific culture and knowledge, building capacities and transferring knowledge.

All these efforts are also made in collaboration with European and international institutions, with private high-tech industries and qualified enterprises, aimed at developing innovative capacity building activities to attract both industrial stakeholders and the research community.

Providing access to

DeepLab (IT1.8)

DeepLab Sea Floor Landers for meteooceanographic physical and geochemical data collection

BioMarineLab (IT1.2)

Ecological laboratory for microcosm / mesocosm experiments

Panarea NatLab (IT1.3)

Panarea Natural Laboratory

Research AIRCRAFT (IT1.1)

Research AIRCRAFT equipped with high-tech remote sensing instruments


PITOP Borehole Geophysical Test Site


EXPLORA research vessel equipped with geophysical and oceanographic instruments

Latera NatLab (IT1.4)

Latera Natural laboratory

CTMO (IT1.7)

Marine metrology and calibration facility