Laboratorio Energia e Ambiente - LEAP s.c.a r.l.

L.E.A.P. - Laboratorio Energia & Ambiente Piacenza (Energy and Environment Laboratory Piacenza) - is a specialized laboratory in the field of highly efficient, low environmental impact energy technology. Activities include applied research, testing, development and technology transfer.  The Laboratory is supported by the Politechnic Institute of Milan and forms part of the Emilia Romagna High Technology Network.

LEAP - Laboratorio Energia & Ambiente Piacenza was set up in May 2005 at Piacenza by the Piacenza Site of Milan Polytechnic, and is one of the Emilia Romagna Region’s High Technology Network laboratories.

The Consortium’s first activity was the realisation of the ECATE - Efficienza e Compatibilità Ambientale delle Tecnologie Energetiche project (Efficiency and Environmental Compatibility of Energy Technology), financed by the Emilia Romagna Region within the framework of the Regional Program for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer (PRRIITT).

The Laboratory now works in the energy-environment field, carrying out the following activities:

  • model-based and experimental evaluation of the performance of components and systems for energy production;
  • evaluation and measurement of emissions from energy-producing plant, especially fine and ultra-fine dust;
  • analysis and testing of CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) systems;
  • feasibility and analysis of the life cycle of technologies for recovery of energy and material from waste;
  • production of electricity or fuel from biomass;
  • biomass production potential;
  • analysis and testing of components for new-generation nuclear power plant;
  • simulation and evaluation of  performances of technologies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • technologies for renewable energy: photovoltaic solar panels, thermal solar panels, wind energy.


Providing access to

CO2_box (IT5.1)

“CO2_box” composed by a phase equilibrium test rig and a single-phase test rig