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CLIMIT SUMMIT 2023 - ECCSEL side event

ECCSEL ERIC hereby invites to a two-hour session on 8 February 2023 from 09:00-11:00 on future needs within CCS and CCU (CCUS) research infrastructure in Norway.

Part 1 of the session will present status for CCUS research infrastructure in Norway today, both within and outside ECCSEL ERIC. Planned upgrades and new builds based on identified needs from academia and industry will be outlined.

In part 2 of the session, we invite the participants to give their viewpoints on future needs for CCUS research infrastructure in Norway. This will be seen in connection with already existing plans for development of the Norwegian research infrastructure (within ECCSEL ERIC). An interactive session where the results will be presented within the framework of ECCSEL ERIC.

Read more about the event: CLIMIT SUMMIT 2023 - BEYOND LONGSHIP - Climit

Register here: Registration CLIMIT SUMMIT 2023 - Climit