- 15 Feb 2024

EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy

ECCSEL ERIC welcomes the newly released European Commission Communication 'Towards an ambitious Carbon Management Strategy for the EU'. The Communication represents an important step for carbon management in Europe

In welcoming the step taken by the European Commission, ECCSEL would like to highlight in particular the focus on research and innovation.


We know that continued investment into research and innovation for all industrial carbon management technologies will contribute to cost reductions, drive efficiency, and improve integration. In particular it is highlighted in the European Commission Communication:

  • Pre-normative research based on open data can contribute to standardisation work.📌 This point is a central focus area for ECCSEL
  • Continued fundamental research is needed to further optimise carbon capture technologies, and increase its energy efficiency. Here access to readily available and open data is needed. 📌ECCSEL is working with digital transition, to move in the direction of open data from research

Find the complete Communication here: Towards an ambitious Carbon Management Strategy for the EU

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