Trondheim, Norway


Membrane Lab

Membrane Lab at NTNU (MEMB-FAB and MEMB-PERM)


This infrastructure provides facilities and methods to fabricate and test polymer-based membranes in lab scale and small pilot scale. These facilities including the spinning of hollow fiber membranes, carbonization to prepare carbon membranes, coating of thin composite membranes on flat sheet or hollow fiber supports, and including single gas, mixed gas, gas separation in humidified conditions and at high pressures, with either flat sheet or hollow fiber membrane modules. Some of the facilities are presented with pictures in Figure 1

State of the Art, uniqueness & specific advantages

In the Membrane Lab at NTNU infrastructure, the well-equipped facilities support broad techniques for the fabrication of polymer-based membranes, providing researchers the opportunity for ‘one-stop’ works in developing novel membranes of various materials or unique morphology that enhance the CO2 separation performance. Regarding the testing of the performance of the produced membranes, the available infrastructure, the facilities provided are advance and updated, equipped with automatic controlling and indication system as well as devices for auto-sampling and auto data-recording, providing researchers the opportunity to test membrane gas permeation performances in different conditions. Hence, obtaining reliable and high quality data. The facilities are updated and easy to operate, which enables users to conduct high quality research.

Scientific Environment

  • SEM (Scanning electron microscopy)

  • FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy)

  • DSC (differential scanning calorimetry)

  • DMA (dynamic mechanic analyser)

  • TGA (Thermal gravimetrical analyser)

  • Gravimetric sorption equipment (“Rubotherm”)

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet)
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Material science, Modelling, Physical processes, Engineering
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Trondheim, Norway
Liyuan Deng
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Morten Grønli

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Minimum 8 (weeks)
Duration of a typical access (average) and number of external users expected for that access
4 weeks (1-2 users)

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Restrictions on the use of dry nanoparticles
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Gas separation membrane
CO2 capture membrane

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