ECCSEL ERIC Logo and Communication Guidelines

These communication guidelines provide a framework for using the ECCSEL ERIC logo and branding in dissemination and communication actions involving ECCSEL ERIC or ECCSEL facilities. This may include conference presentations arising from work where ECCSEL is a partner, or resulting from Transnational Access funding.

First mention of ‘ECCSEL ERIC’

When mentioning ECCSEL ERIC for the first time, please use this wording:

ECCSEL ERIC is the European research infrastructure for CCUS.

Using the ECCSEL ERIC logo

The ECCSEL ERIC logo is to be included in written and visual communications where ECCSEL research facilities and institutes have been used to perform research.   

Please ensure that ECCSEL ERIC logos are recognisable and do not sit too close to, or overlap with, other graphical elements.  Please also note the minimum allowable size and surrounding buffer zones (the same for each logo).

ECCSEL ERIC logos should be displayed as shown below and should not be rotated, distorted, re-coloured, or scaled below the minimum size.


Which ECCSEL ERIC logo to use

ECCSEL ERIC main logo displayed (download Zip file with logo in JPG and PNG format)

Wherever possible, the main ECCSEL ERIC logo should be used. The main logo always features the tagline.

ECCSEL ERIC logo 2 (without tagline)

ECCSEL ERIC logo 3 (icon logo)

The icon only version is intended for use when size or aspect ratio constraints mean that the main or slim logos will not reproduce well. It should not be used in conjunction with other logo versions or styles on the same page.


When to use the ECCSELERATE logo

In the majority of cases the main ECCSEL ERIC logo will be the most appropriate choice.  The ECCSELERATE logo should only be included on ECCSELERATE-funded material, and always in conjunction with the ECCSEL ERIC logo. 

ECCSELERATE logo displayed (download Zip file with logo in JPG and PNG format)

ECCSEL ERIC Newsletter

If you would like to include results or other information from your node or facility in the ECCSEL ERIC newsletter, please send a draft or keywords to the Operations Centre at


ECCSEL ERIC website and social media

ECCSEL ERIC also encourages the use of its communication channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and to promote publications, results, news, events, initiatives and other relevant announcements.  Please send draft material to