Brochures / Presentations

Information material

ECCSEL ERIC information sheets

Why ECCSEL? provides the following information:

  • What is ECCSEL?
  • Who are ECCSEL?
  • What does ECCSEL do?
  • How does ECCSEL fit with…?
  • What does ECCSEL offer?
  • Who pays for ECCSEL?
  • What is the future of ECCSEL?

Why CCUS? provides the following information:

  • What is CCUS?
  • Why do we need CCUS? 
  • Why invest in CCUS research? 
  • Why is CCUS not widely deployed?

Join ECCSEL provides the following information:

  • Why join ECCSEL as a member?
  • Benefits
  • Funding Policy
  • ECCSEL Members commitments

Access ECCSEL provides the following information:

  • Access Services
  • Access Opportunities
  • Access Principles
  • Confidentiality & Intellectual Property