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RItrainPlus 2021-2024

RItrainPlus 2021-2024

RItrainPlus (Research Infrastructure Training Plus) is an EU Horizon 2020 project which will design and deliver a training programme to fulfill the competency requirements for the current and future managers of European Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities.

  • ECCSEL ERIC will actively contribute in the following WPs and tasks:
    WP1: Coordination and Project Management - Tasks 1.1 and 1.2. Support to all the activities related to project reporting and internal communication. Contents
    provision for the website update.
  • WP2: Development of common European policies and learning tracks for curricula enrichment and development - Task 2.1. Update of training needs, representing the energy sector among ERICs.
  • WP3: Course development and delivery - Task 3.7. Team building and development (co-lead)
  • WP4: Staff and knowledge exchange programme within European RIs, CFs and abroad - Task 4.2. Participation at the setting up of a community of practice in
    governance and management of RIs. Participation in the community of practice workshops.
  • WP5: Design Study of an European School for Management of RI - Task 5.1. Participation at the design study of a European School of Governance and
    Management for RIs.
  • WP6: Communication & Outreach - Tasks 6.1 and 6.2. Support in the external communication and dissemination activities (such as newsletters, promotion
    through social media). Link with EOSC for dissemination activities.

Overall, the project aims to communicate for a wide range of stakeholders to share the wealth of knowledge and best practices for the mutual benefit of the European Research Infrastructures and Core Facilities.

Research Infrastructures (RI) are standing pillars for excellence in science and a vital element for the realisation of
the European Union as a knowledge-based society.

Together with Core Facilities (CF)- existing in many universities, academic research centres and national nodes of distributed RIs, RIs are also major actors in the implementation of the EU Open Science and Open Innovation strategy and a major factor for its success.

As RI and CF increase in importance, questions about how to organise, maintain, manage and finance them have become a major topic for funding and research organisations.

This project brings together, for the first time, RI, CF and European universities, in a new innovative concept to transform the access and empowerment of human resources for national and international scientific facilities in Europe.

RItrainPlus will:

  1. Drive excellence, operational improvements and long-term sustainability of European RI and CF by developing:
    formal learning activities: executive post-graduate courses; learning on the job: staff exchange, with a short-term
    mobility programme at different RI/CF locations; peer learning: a Community of Practice, within all RI and CF, able
    to promote existing excellence and experience, and share knowledge;
  2. Create a foundation for the long-term provision of highly qualified personnel for managing RI and CF by
    developing Learning Activities embedded in existing university programs and a certifiable European Longitudinal
    Learning Track;
  3. Establish a permanent and self-sustainable European School for Management of Research Infrastructures. In the
    four-year project all the required steps will be performed, with extended involvement of ERICs, EIROforum members,
    national agencies, and other relevant stakeholders in the design process.

ECCSEL ERIC contact person: Volker Röhling, volker.rohling@ntnu.no