Mission and Vision


Enabling low to zero CO2 emissions from industry and power generation to combat climate change.


Main objectives

  • Coordinate, operate and develop a world-class distributed CCUS Research Infrastructure in Europe
  • Provide access to integrated, upgraded and newly constructed CCUS research facilities
  • Enhance European science, technology development, innovation and education in the field of CCUS
  • Enable spin-off activities and generation of new business



To put science at the heart of societal and economic development, we need to devise strategies to push the limits of science in order to promote innovation, tackle societal challenges and deliver big results. In Europe, one such strategy is the development of research infrastructures - organisations that enable the research community to use specific facilities, resources and services, thus fostering collaboration between scientists from different countries, economic sectors, research fields, and institutions.

ECCSEL ERIC is at the moment working to extend the services offered to its users and to advance further as the European Research Infrastructure within Carbon Capture, Transportation, Utilisation and Storage.