How to apply for access

How to access an ECCSEL ERIC research facility

Access to one of the ECCSEL facilities will follow one of two routes, depending on how access is being funded. 

Direct access to ECCSEL facilities is always available to applicants that have secured their own funds to cover the cost of access. Please approach the ECCSEL Operations Centre ( and/or the owner of the facility concerned to get an access application underway. Details of all available ECCSEL facilities, along with relevant contact information, can be found on this website under FACILITES. A wide range of selection criteria are offered to find a suitable facility. Alternatively you can also use the free text search on our homepage.

Access using our selection procedure: From time to time, access to ECCSEL facilities can be financed by grants provided by projects ECCSEL is participating in, for research, where an applicant has not independently secured their own funds. Here, applications for access will follow the Selection Procedure route, and undergo peer review by a committee made up of

  • the coordinator of the project providing the underpinning funding
  • an internal scientific group of relevant ECCSEL partners (2-3 members)
  • external review panel from industry, academia and research institutions (3 members)

Applications for facility access are evaluated in accordance with ECCSEL’s principles of scientific excellence, and relevance and the conditions of the supporting funding call (EC-funded Transnational Access must, for example, involve travel outside the applicant’s country of residence).  Some or all of the following selection criteria may also apply:

  • Relevance with ECCSEL and / or the funding program’s objectives
  • Scientific merit (originality, innovation, methodology, state of the art)
  • Level of research and the extent to which the proposal will produce new knowledge
  • Feasibility within the selected facility specifications
  • Dissemination of results
  • Technology Readiness Level
  • Ethical perspectives
  • Environmental impact
  • Required time for the Research


Funding opportunities are announced through our newsletters (registration link on ECCSEL homepage), on our website and through the ECCSEL social media channels, but please feel free to contact ECCSEL at any time at