Since the thermodynamics of CO2 streams with impurities is still not fully understood, the definition of the CO2 composition specifications for the pipeline requires state-of-the-art knowledge. Since the capture technology which will be used to produce the CO2 feed, is mostly a first of a kind technology, a good determination of the CO2 gas composition is very important. As such we need to know the gas composition but even more important is to know, what are the max impurity concentrations that can be accepted in the flow before having problems in the transport operation and further downstream unit .


Pipeline transport sends goods through a pipe; most commonly liquid and gases are sent, but pneumatic tubes can also send solid capsules using compressed air. For liquids/gases, any chemically stable liquid or gas can be sent through a pipeline. Short-distance systems exist for sewageslurrywater and beer, while long-distance networks are used for petroleum and natural gas.

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