Facility Access


The third and last Transnational Access Call with funding from the Horizon 2020 Infradev-3 program is open until the 31. July 2017. Please submit your proposal latest no later than that date. Proposal submission should be done fully electronically online. If you would like to see all the information required, you can download a PDF version of this form here.

Selection criteria

Research Project Selection criteria
The selection of the proposal and the allocation of the facility to prospective users during the Transnational Access Programme will be performed by a Peer Review Committee composed of experts nominated by the General Assembly and will consist of:

  •          The Project Coordinator
  •          An internal Scientific Group from relevant partners (2-3 members)
  •          External Advisors from Industry, Academia and Research Institutions (3 members)

Evaluation of the Transnational Access project proposals will be made in accordance with the ECCSEL principles (scientific quality, relevance, and uniqueness) and selection criteria developed during the preparatory phase (Del. 2.7 on ECCSEL PP2). A summary of these criteria is given below.

Projects will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  •          Technology Readiness Level (reviewed through Task 1.5 Innovation Management Tool)
  •          Level of Research and the extent to which the proposal will produce new knowledge
  •          Scientific Merit (Originality, Innovation, Methodology, State of the art)
  •          Feasibility, Relevance
  •          Dissemination of results
  •          Ethical Perspective
  •          Environmental Impact
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