Nederlands Instituut voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO)

TNO is the largest fully independent Research, Development and Consultancy organization in the Netherlands, with a staff of over 5,000 and a total annual turnover of close to 600 million Euros.
TNO’s primary tasks are to assist and support trade and industry, including SME’s, governments and others in innovation and solving problems by rendering services and transferring knowledge and expertise. TNO participates in many EU programs aiming at technological development. TNO is organized in five innovation core groups. Two of these core groups have been involved in CCS for nearly 20 years now. The core group Industry and technology has been pioneering in CO2 capture and clean combustion technologies and materials studies for transport. While the core group Built Environment and Geosciences have been involved in areas such underground CO2 storage, decision support systems, HSE studies, as well monitoring of the climate effect of energy transition by means of in-situ and remote, earth observation techniques. TNO is coordinating the Dutch CATO CCS study that started 4 years ago and will last for a minimal other 4 years, involving over 90 million Euros in research investments both from government and industry. The Geological Survey of The Netherlands, part of TNO Built Environment and Geosciences is involved in the prequalification study of some 12 CCS pilot plants both on- and off-shore The Netherlands, in aquifers and in depleted oil and gas fields.